What is Atopic March?

Atopic march is a sequence of allergic diseases, which follow one another. It includes atopic dermatitis accompanied by food allergies, allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma. Not every atopic dermatitis leads to asthma, but it takes place because of the risk of an atopic march that every suspicion of atopic dermatitis requires examination and supervision by an allergist. Allergic rhinitis is much more likely to transform into bronchial asthma, so if there is an allergic rhinitis, you cannot ignore it.What is Atopic March_

Is it possible to stop the atopic march?

You can try to slow it down. It is good to slow it sown, because much more mature a person is at the time of the asthma onset, it is easier to treat it. In addition, you can slow down the process for decades, and even for good.

How to do it?

  • Exclude the action of allergens;
  • Exclude triggers;
  • Create a hypoallergenic life;
  • Cure foci of chronic infections;
  • Engage in tempering;
  • Support the chronic diseases remission (eg, gastritis, cholecystopancreatitis);
  • Achieve control over endocrine diseases (thyroid disease, diabetes, etc.).

If we cannot exclude the action of the allergen, we can try to adapt to it, for this purpose the method of allergen-specific immunotherapy (ASIT) was invented.

At the bottom of ASIT, the same principle as in vaccination lies: an “allergen” (very dilute) is injected into the body in the form of drops, tablets or injections.

Such a form helps the immune system react differently in comparison with reactions in an everyday life:

  • not in an allergic way, but in the correct one;
  • this is the correct way to develop special regulatory lymphocytes, which suppress the allergic immune response to this trigger.

As a result, allergen specific immunotherapy is a disease-modifying treatment that can arrest the atopic march.

It happens due to the fact that allergen specific immunotherapy, unlike other types of treatment that relieve symptoms, affects the mechanism of allergy.

Nowadays, the world has developed allergen specific immunotherapy drugs for a huge number of respiratory allergens and poison of stinging insects.

Quality drugs for allergen specific immunotherapy are registered for allergies to:

  • the house dust mites;
  • the pollen of birch trees (birch, alder, hazel);
  • the pollen of meadow grasses.

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9 responses to “What is Atopic March?”

  1. minimouse says:

    Good afternoon! The child (4 years) takes Montelukast for 2 days. At night, an allergic cough began, I gave Zodac 10 drops. Now I think, whether it is necessary still carry out an inhalation with Pulmicort? There was a strong obstruction on a background of an allergy 2 weeks ago.

  2. Patrilowe says:

    Good Day! Tell ,please about how allergic rhinitis is expressed. Last year I passed all the examinations for allergens, both blood and incisions. Nothing was found. But at the same time, allergic reactions took place. Now it’s warmer, I began to notice that when I go out into the street, the nasal mucosa becomes swollen, and there is discomfort in the throat. Eyes are affronted slightly. What to take – Citrin? And drops to inject into the nose? Or are these just my fears?

    • Asthma.School says:

      Hello. How long does this state last?

      • Patrilowe says:

        Probably when it becomes warm outside. If you start again, most of your life lived in the Far North state, where there was nothing to provoke an allergy! In 2002, “I moved to the south. I started to suffer from sinusitis, the doctor diagnosed allergic nature of the disorder. There were also allergies not of a clear nature, rarely bronchitis..” As a child, tonsils and adenoids were removed. My father had psoriasis.

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