Humidifier: The Mode of Operation

The humidifier is especially popular in winter. In the heating season, the humidity level drops sharply, the skin and mucous membranes are overdried. It can increase cough due to mucus thickening in the airways.

The optimum humidity for humans is 40-60%. For asthmatics, excessive humidity is not recommended. It can cause difficulty in breathing. Also, in the case of the high humidity, mold spores can actively multiply.

How to Choose the Humidifier_
The following types humidifier are distinguished:

  • steam humidifiers;
  • ultrasonic air humidifiers;
  • traditional (classic) air humidifiers;
  • air washer (climatic complexes).

Steam humidifier operates on the principle of “hot” evaporation.

The name of the humidifier explains by itself the essence: the water in the container is heated, the steam comes out and humidifies the air. Water is heated by means of either tubular heating elements or electrodes, but the meaning is one: it will be hot.

An important point is the ease of maintenance operation of the steam humidifier. It does not need any additional supplies like cartridges and filters.

You can use steam humidifiers for aromatherapy adding aromatic oils. It is not recommended for use them in children’s rooms, especially when the children are too small.

US-humidifiers. This is probably the most common type of humidifier now. The principle of their work is the following: a special membrane under the influence of alternating current vibrates with regarding the frequency of ultrasound.

Water, poured into a container, under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations is broken into tiny particles on the surface, which the fan pushes out. The steam produced by the ultrasonic humidifier is cold, sometimes called a water mist.

In some models, a “warm steam” function is provided, which supposedly has an antibacterial effect. But, it’s more of a marketing trick than the truth. Ultrasonic humidifiers can have all sorts of functions.

For example: a vapor separator is a cap that divides the flow of steam into two parts and separates them in different directions; possibility of selecting the level of humidifying; a function of steam sterilization. A built-in hygrometer is switched on when reaching a certain level of humidity in the room.

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Traditional (classic) air humidifiers work according to the principle of “cold” evaporation. Water is poured into the container, from where it reaches the special evaporative elements.

The built-in fan sucks dry air from the room and drives it through the evaporator. Thus, the essential air humidifying occurs. Classic instruments that moisturize the air, perfectly suited for offices and large apartments. Due to safety in operation, they are recommended for use in children’s rooms and bedrooms.

“Air Washer” combines the functions of a humidifier and air purifier. It is suitable for allergy sufferers, as one of the components of the hypoallergenic life.

So, the devices of Boneco, Venta and others are very popular. The principle of operation of such device can be considered unique, similar to the original vacuum cleaner performing humid-mechanical air cleaning. At the same time, additional supplies and replacement elements are usually not required.

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