Greetings from Rosie Anderson!


My name is Rosie Anderson, I have a medical education. My son had asthma in his early years and I have a very extensive experience in controlling this disease. I want to help everyone to learn not to get sick and lead a way of life in which there will be no place for allergies.

Within the framework of this school I will tell you:

  • where does the allergy come from;
  • what is an atopic march and where does it lead;
  • how asthma and immunity are related.

I will teach you:

  • how to create a hypoallergenic life;
  • how to choose the right diet;
  • what to do to prevent asthma;
  • how to be treated correctly at a combination of asthma with other allergic diseases.

I really hope that our school will give you everything that your local doctor did not have enough time for and you will get answers to all the questions!

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  1. aliceken says:

    My name is Alice, I’m the mother of the 8-year-old boy Jessie, who has asthma signs but this disease is still under a big question. It will be very interesting to join this school, thank you for the opportunity to learn a lot of useful information.

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