Aquaintance with Asthma School Participants

We are happy to welcome you to our asthma school! Tomorrow we will publish the first articles.

Now let’s get acquainted with each other! You know us if someone forgets – Rosie Anderson and Emilia Fischer, but we are not familiar with you. Your reviews should contain the following information: what is your name, what city you are from, who is suffering from asthma (you or your child), or, perhaps, you are at-risk group, write down the experience of the disease, the presence of allergy and the therapy that you or your child admit. What do you expect from our school and what knowledge do you want to receive?greeting

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15 responses to “Aquaintance with Asthma School Participants”

  1. lazybaby says:

    Hello, my name is Jane. My seven-year-old son suffers from an allergic rhinitis. Allergies to pollen weed (especially ragweed), meadow grasses and pollen of trees have been diagnosed. Allergenspecific immunotherapy was offered as the only method of treatment. Unfortunately, the situation is complicated by the presence of a cardiac disease (bicuspid valve instead of tricuspidal). The cardiac function is not broken. We have visited 2 allergists who gave 2 diametrically opposed opinions. One doctor says categorically it is impossible to conduct allergenspecific immunotherapy because the valvular defect is a contraindication. Another doctor says it is necessary to conduct such a therapy. I would like to know your opinion. Plus I cannot understand the issue of major and minor allergens, their role in the effectiveness of allergenspecific immunotherapy. During the period of an exacerbation, we apply preparations of the 2nd generation plus Nasonex. We try to leave our city during the period of exacerbation, but cannot choose an appropriate place. I’d like to know how to prevent asthma developed on the background of allergic rhinitis. Just a very urgent question about vaccinations, will they not exacerbate the allergy? Thanks in advance, I hope I can find answers to my questions at your school.

    • Asthma.School says:

      Hello. Cardiovascular disease may be a contraindication to allergenspecific immunotherapy in the event of their decompensation or severe course (eg, uncontrolled ischemic heart disease or atrial fibrillation). It happens not because allergenspecific immunotherapy can exacerbate the disease’s course. It takes place because an allergic reaction on the background of this therapy may require the introduction of epinephrine, which is not compatible with certain drugs used in these diseases (beta blockers). In your case, there are no contraindications to allergenspecific immunotherapy.

      Your question about the vaccination will be explained in detail. Asthma is not only aggravated by vaccination but is an additional indication for vaccination with definite vaccines.

  2. ann_sun says:

    My name is Kate, I am from Ohio. My daughter, Alice is 3 years old. We have been only discharged from a hospital with the diagnosis: atopic asthma of mild degree, persistent flow and allergy. Rhinitis and conjunctivitis. Sensibilization. Food allergy by histamine liberator type. Intolerance to medications in the form of syrups. Latent sensibilization to the pollen of trees. Anamnesis: one year ago after contact with a kitten-tears, runny nose, itching, pneumonia appear. August, October, January -obstructive bronchitis. Treatment in a hospital with antibiotics and X-rays. Prick tests: dust, mites, birch, alder, cats’ fur, dogs’ fur, horses, sunflower, hazel.

  3. ann_sun says:

    Treatment: Nasonex once a day 1 puff; Flixotide – 50mcg 2 puffs 2 times a day. In the case of exacerbation: Salbutamol once a day or Berodual + Pulmicort. We have not yet started the treatment. The pharmacist frightened that the child’s growth stops. I want to listen to your opinion. There are many questions. While she was small suffered from atopic dermatitis, cheeks become red and dry. (I did not keep the diet when breastfeeding, is it my fault that my daughter got asthma?) The second daughter is growing 4 months. Cheeks turn red and dry …. my husband and I are not allergic.

  4. Samantah says:

    Good day, my name is Anastasia, in childhood there were frequent obstructions, up to reanimation, but at the age of 7-8 everything has passed, genetic condition is burdened, and now 3 years ago the disorder appeared again, an allergy to dust and mold, cat’s fur allergen is questioned. I take the last year Singulair on a regular basis if I stop the attack starts immediately. Now I feel manyfold better and want to know how to protect yourself from such attacks? I will add that 4 years ago I had a cat, there were no symptoms of an allergy. Then I had severe bronchitis and seizures began since then any bronchitis proceeds heavily with obstruction.

    • Asthma.School says:

      Good day, Anastasia. Your situation is understandable. Yes, it happens. In the older children remission comes, and then in adulthood, the symptoms appear again.

      • Samantah says:

        I still hoped that this is not asthma, I would like to find a way out to stay the cat at home, or it’s simply not possible for the asthmatics?

        • Asthma.School says:

          If there is a clear reaction to cat’s fur, then it is almost impossible.

          • Samantah says:

            I cannot understand, because I can spend the whole day with a cat in my arms and symptoms are not observed, but at night it starts. The same thing but less often happens in places where there are no cats, but dusty.

  5. Patrilowe says:

    Good day! My name is Helena. I am 49 years. I’m from Florida. I was removed glands and adenoids when I was 5 years. Since I often had tonsillitis. For a long time, she lived in Maine. Bronchitis was not diagnosed. Then I moved to Florida. This is the very place where it started! Bronchitis and sinusitis, apparently the genyantritis was allergic. I had bronchitis with obstruction. It has handed all tests on allergens. Nothing was found. I smoked, but I have quitted long ago, this is the only nuance. This is my story). I want to improve my level of knowledge in the field of pulmonology))))! Learning is always useful. Sincerely, Helena.

  6. sunnygirl says:

    Hello, my name is Jane, I’m from New Jersey. My son of 9 years is at risk zone of asthma, each ARVI is leading with obstruction, recently underwent therapy with Flixotide and Montelar for 3 months. 2 months after the treatment, my son became ill with ARVI, again wheezing, 2 days we take Berodual Pulmicort, the wheezing goes away, he applied Ascarin, then Ambroxol and cough disappeared. The question is what to do next. My daughter, 13 years, has no sense of smell and there is the strongest edema in a nose, received Nasonex, and antihistaminic preparation for 2 months.

    There was a slight improvement, she was breathing through the nose, but the sense of smell has not returned to this day! Ig E is normal, the positive test’s results to dog, cat, hamster and casein. Again Nasonex is applied plus Fexadin and Montelar. The question is whether the sense of smell will restore. Obstruction does not happen, if it was a couple of times, I did not pay any attention to it.

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