Allergy to House Dust Mites

Allergy to house dust mites is one of the most common causes of bronchial asthma. Mites of domestic dust – the inhabitants of the house, it has evolved with the course of evolution. They are harmless to us, they feed by cast-off epithelium and do not harm anything until we develop an allergy to them. In this case, allergens are their chitinous surface and products of vital activity.

What should I do if I’m allergic to mites?

Hypoallergenic life:

  • Laundry of bed clothing at 60 °C;
  • Change of bed clothing once a week;
  • Wet cleaning 1-2 times a week.

For cleaning:

  • antiseptic sprays (ADS, ADMS, Allerdust, Allermold);
  • carpet cleaning (AllRug, All-up, X-Mite);
  • smell killers (ODRX);
  • if laundry is impossible at 60 °C, additives for washing (Allergoff, Allergen wash, Acaril) should be used;
  • cushions must be synthetic, they must be washed or replaced every 3 months;
  • there are anti-dust covers/sheets for the mattress and upholstered furniture.Allergy to House Dust

Equipment for cleaning:

  • vacuum cleaner with HEPA-filter;
  • Miele SDCB0 C2 HEPA;
  • Karcher DS 5800, DS6000.

Technique for cleaning air from allergens

air filter with HEPA filter:

  • Daikin MC70L, MCK75JVM-K;
  • AIC XJ-3800-A, KJF20B06;
  • SHARP;
  • Aircomfort GH-2173;
  • Ballu AP-410F5, 420F5;
  • Air Free filters.

Do I need to keep a diet?

Yes, as it turned out, the chitinous surface of house dust mites can give reactions with:

  • shrimp;
  • crabs;
  • crawfish;
  • lobsters;
  • mussels;
  • squids;
  • cuttles;
  • octopuses;
  • insects.

It is preferable to track reactions to these products if you are allergic to dust.

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24 responses to “Allergy to House Dust Mites”

  1. charles_hol says:

    Is the washing vacuum cleaner Thomas with the aqua filter not suitable for cleaning? It also has a HEPA-filter.

    • Asthma.School says:

      It is possible to buy wet and dry cleaner, but pay attention to whether the dampness increases. If the air in the house is dry, then it is a good option.

    • Asthma.School says:

      The samples are done for several purposes: 1) understand the type of an allergy for removing the allergen. 2) understand what an allergy is to hold allergenspecific immunotherapy. Allergenspecific immunotherapy to dust allergens is carried out only with dust mites, therefore the basis for this therapy is a positive analysis for specific IgE to house dust mites or positive prick-tests. The results give us a positive test for paper dust. How to remove contact with dust – a rhetorical question. As it was said during the life, we meet various natural allergens, in this case, ground dusty paper. That is, we do not know which component the skin reacted to. If the goal was to confirm that the rhinitis is allergic – in this case, the child should feel better when he/she is in other apartments. Therefore, the value of this analysis is very relative.

  2. Loganpo says:

    Wet and dry vacuum cleaners also leave damp on the floor. Probably it is possible to clean the floor with them, but not often. I wanted to tell you about the pillows that good firms have in assortment models with a removable quilted, multilayer cover. It is rubbed off and does not let the dust in. The filler is synthetic, does not get crumbled fast.

  3. sunnygirl says:

    Hello! I did not really understand the essence of the allergy to paper dust. It’s not a separate indicator, is it? For what they check various types of a dust. From all 20 scratches, only this paper dust has reacted. And the nose of my daughter all the year round does not breathe, otolaryngologist speaks that it is an allergy. Air purifier Airfree T40 is such a cleaner, it does not work like a car wash, but it seems like this is the last generation, do you think this is an alternative to washing? Or should a cleaner with a HEPA filter be used?

    • charles_hol says:

      How does it work then? I want to buy such an airfree. I use the washing function very seldom, basically, as a usual vacuum cleaner.

    • Asthma.School says:

      Airfree according to the description and reviews is a good device, but there are questions about the mechanism of action. Somehow, the patients politely informed that it is not completely clear to them, based on the instructions, how the device provides such a high degree of air purification. In comparison with a cleaning, it does not moisten the air.

      • sunnygirl says:

        Thanks for the answer, it’s interesting to try it of course, but it is difficult to estimate the final result)))

      • sunnygirl says:

        There was a goal to establish the diagnosis of round-year allergic rhinitis! And it was confirmed, what to do next? In other apartments, she does not feel better, but as the doctor explained, this dust is everywhere. How then to search for an allergen?

  4. Loganpo says:

    On the example of my son I know exactly if you do neglect the child’s health you won’t be able to cope with the problem. It is necessary to strengthen the immune system, reduce the activity of the bronchi. And you can clean, wash, keep a diet on. Very interesting is the topic of tempering, it’s never been tested.

  5. Ellisburg says:

    ell me, please, where to buy all the funds from a dust mites?

  6. sunnygirl says:

    We had a blood test, too. There were revealed the 3rd degree to a cat and a dog, the 2nd degree of dust mites, atmosphere and casein. And that’s all.

    • Asthma.School says:

      Do not you consider that mold is the cause of year-round symptoms? Do you have animals at home? Was the cat in the apartment?

      • sunnygirl says:

        There are no animals. There are 2 species of mold. The allergist said that it is better to leave the country for the winter period. And we have a 2nd-degree edema in the nose, and he said it was provoked by a paper dust. I did not understand how to cure it.

        • Asthma.School says:

          The thing is that year-round allergic rhinitis in the absence of an animal at home and, for example, nasal congestion due to hypertrophy of adenoids are treated strategically equally: long courses of intranasal steroids-sprays.

          • sunnygirl says:

            My daughter has a normal condition of adenoids, we do MRT every year for other indications, and at the same time we look at the adenoids. But long ago when there were no external manifestations of allergies but MRT revealed described inflammation of the posterior ethmoidal bone. Otolaryngologist warned that this is a sign of an allergy, I told her that there are no manifestations. Well, waited and manifestations of edema of the nose appeared.

  7. lazybaby says:

    Explain please more details, if there is a pollen allergy the ASIT can be carried out only with dust mites?

    • sunnygirl says:

      Pollen allergy is checked by pollen trigger and so on. This situation is explained to me by the doctor that there are many kinds of dust, but we have a just paper dust positive result.

    • Asthma.School says:

      No, allergenspecific immunotherapy is carried out by those allergens, to which there is an allergy. On the pollen – pollen, dust mites – dust mites are used to specify the allergy.

  8. 12Nathan says:

    And we have an allergy to ordinary dust, we also need to be anxious about the possibility to develop the allergy to the dust mites.

  9. ann_sun says:

    We have an allergy to dust, mites, the fur of dogs, cats, horses, asthma. Should we throw away non-synthetic pillows and blankets?

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