Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy (ASIT)

Allergen-SpecificImmunotherapy (ASIT)

So, allergen-specific immunotherapy, or ASIT. Let’s try to systematize information about this therapy.

What is it?

This is a method of treating allergies, blocking the allergic type of response to a particular allergen.

How does ASIT work?

Allergen is contained in the drug in microdoses. Special T-regulatory lymphocytes and IgG4 antibodies are formed in response to them. These cells and antibodies block allergic reaction, IgE to the allergen ceases to develop, the disease recedes.

How long has ACIT been used?

In 2011, the method turned 100 years old. The modern form in which we now conduct ASIT has been existing for decades. The most modern preparations were registered in 2010-2012, the registration continues.

Who needs ASIT?

Doctors prescribe this therapy to children from 5 years of age and adults with allergic rhinitis and controlled bronchial asthma of mild and moderately severe course.

What are contraindications for ASTI?

  • Autoimmune diseases (except for the com- plicated diseases of the thyroid gland and type 1 diabetes mellitus);
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Immunodeficiency (the therapy will not be effective);
  • Mental illness;
  • Uncontrolled asthma (temporary contraindication).

What kinds of allergies does ASIT treat?

The best quality drugs:

  • Allergy to house dust mites;
  • Allergies to pollen of trees;
  • Allergies to meadow grasses.

Worse than standardized and less purified preparations:

  • All the same types of allergies;
  • Allergies to weeds and wormwood.

In the world:

  • All the same types of allergies;
  • Allergy to animal hair;
  • Allergy to poisons of stinging insects.

What does ASIT not do?

  • Does not treat atopic dermatitis;
  • Does not interfere with immunity “in general”;
  • Does not treat food allergy except for cross-food allergies with pollen (rather a bonus than a guaranteed effect).

How long should ASIT be carried out?

  • 3-5 years.

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20 responses to “Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy (ASIT)”

  1. lazybaby says:

    Tell us about the types of ASIT, for example, doctors offer us to use oral drops, are they more effective than a skin test?

  2. sunnygirl says:

    How does this therapy work? At what time of the year? How long? How often are allergens introduced? I remember my husband had tests 3 times a week!

    • Asthma.School says:

      The therapy lasts 3-5 years, not less. The treatment depends on the type of medicine. There are France, French and Italian registered preparations. With pollen allergens, the therapy begins 3-4 months before flowering + continues the entire flowering season.

  3. lucia222 says:

    And where can I get them? Do you have any information? They told us to buy it but did not say where.

  4. lazybaby says:

    And tell me about the anaphylactic reaction, what should a patient do in this case?

    • Asthma.School says:

      Inject epinephrine intramuscularly by the weight of the patient. This instruction is given by the attending physician. On injection drugs, the risk of an acute allergic reaction is higher, therefore, their administration is carried out only in a medical institution. For half an hour after the introduction, the patient is under the supervision of a doctor. Anaphylactic reactions were not observed when using drop preparations.

      • lazybaby says:

        If their effectiveness is the same and injections pose a threat of anaphylactic reactions, why not use only drops?

        • Asthma.School says:

          Because not everyone is comfortable using drops every day and because the drops are more expensive than injections.

  5. 12Nathan says:

    Do you mean that drops can be used at home without fear of anaphylactic reactions?

  6. sunnygirl says:

    So you can buy drops and use drops at home instead of injecting medications in the hospital?

  7. sunnygirl says:

    Are they sold in any pharmacy or you need to buy them from an allergist?

    • Asthma.School says:

      You cannot “just use them at home”, these are allergen preparations with possible consequences. Patients need a clear doctor’s instructions and a constant communication with him.

    • Asthma.School says:

      They are sold under the prescription of the allergist in drugstores. I am not sure about their availability in all city pharmacies. The assortment depends on the suppliers.

  8. lazybaby says:

    Can I keep in touch with you remotely and what is needed for this?

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